What I can do for you

  • Make your IT more reliable / secure
  • Make your IT cheaper to run
  • Make your IT do X
  • Enhance your IT team
  • Give you advice
  • Get you up and running fast in an emergency

What I know

  • Hardware
  • Virtualization
  • Networking
  • VoIP
  • Server operating systems
  • Server Software
  • High Availability and Backup software
  • Databases
  • Workstation Software
  • Software Development

How I do things

  • 24x7 rapid response for downtown Calgary
  • Convenient remote support for anywhere else
  • Precise 15 minute interval billing
  • No minimum charge
  • Competitive hourly rate (Contact me)

Tomas Florian BSc.,CCNA

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What my clients say

... Tomas has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skill, expanding the system, controlling security incursions, solving user problems, and maintaining records. He has shown confidence, willingness to approach unusual issues with insight, imagination, and innovation, excellent ability to communicate, flexible and adaptive, willing to take direction. ... He has a high level of commitment to our benefit.

I give my unreserved recommendation that Tomas would be a welcome asset to any small or medium sized business requiring superior IT services."

JR Novak
Technical Services Manager
SPEC Engineering Inc
(Client from 2005 to present)

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